Sep 29, 2009

remember when Jesse stuck his foot in his mouth

summer - chicago - 2008 

(AP Photo/Russel A. Daniels)

SJ Mercury story about the ongoing digital conversion.

...the SJ Mercury print edition, sent to me by Marico Sanchez, used one of my AP "weather" morning light Sutro Tower pictures. Sutro Towers engineers currently have been replacing the last, very top, radio antennas, fitting it for new digital technologies.

The fog rolls in from the coast, drawn by inland heat, and often comes to a halt along this SF west ridge-line of the Twin Peaks hills and Noe Valley areas. Sept. 2009

Sep 23, 2009

Mission community meeting - September 22, 2009


24th street - 3 homicides in 3 days

link to Mission Loc@l - Mission District Journalism

Sep 21, 2009

24th Street - 3 homicides 3 days - September 2009


Mission District 

Jonathan Richman live at the Make-Out Room - September 20, 2009

Jonathan Richmand and Tommy Larkins, Jonathans long term drummer, played a very lovely and loose set at the Make-Out Room in the Mission, San Francisco.a link to my Flikr portfolio.

morning light in the industrious San Francisco Bay - September 2009

Sep 19, 2009

Rainbow Squares - Salt Lake City, Utah

Rainbow Squares: this was a fun event to photograph. i used my 1960's Rolleiflex f/2.8 tlr... my favorite camera.

Sep 17, 2009

Tweed Bike Ride - September 16, 2009 - Dolores Park, SF

click here for a Flikr portfolio

remember this guy

i hear they renamed him Juan.

old camera meets newer camera meets cell phone camera

fuji S2 - 24mm - f/2.8

nikon D-700 - 35mm - f/2
blackberry storm - auto w/ fill-flash

Sep 16, 2009